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Develop inner wisdom through Meditation

I teach meditation to individuals and groups. An introductory day workshop can be arranged for a minimum of eight participants. Individual classes usually last for one hour, and can be planned as a simple introductory session or as a series of lessons.

Meditation is a way of getting in touch with who you really are. It is not just a relaxation technique, although being at ease with your core being certainly makes life easier. Neither is it a religion.

There are many different ways of meditating (one of the oldest texts lists 108 different methods). Participants in an introductory workshop, or individuals signing up for a series of lessons will be introduced to a number of different techniques, and should be able to find one or two which will really work for them. In single sessions, we will try to find an appropriate technique to begin meditating.

I have been meditating for about 25 years now, and it has been an exciting journey of discovery. Although I have found particular meditations which suit me, I have a broad knowledge of meditation styles from many traditions, including Buddhist, Christian, Sufi, Osho and Daoist, and can give a flavour of each. Although meditation is a spiritual practice, you do not need to sign up to any religion or belief system. It can be incorporated into your religious belief, or can be completely non-religious.

Taking your next step

If you feel that you would like to explore meditation as part of your journey, please get in touch to discuss how we might work together.

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